We (Valbone) are the largest manufacturing and supply company, with experience in exports of clothes and accessories for ladies and gentlemen in India.

ur strategy drives the realization of the image and design that are adapted to a clear concept, blanks and perfect pixelated, as well as the best karter which is a real success as far as creative and powerful digital subject that gives the user a A pleasant experience of sensations and colors that enhance the products, using visual connections in digital design theme that allows the choice of the product in a safe, easy, with representative images and adapted to the client as to their environment.

This approach to the user or client through a creative, interactive platform is easy to use using different current computer resources, such as tablets, smart phones, computers, which generates a fast link and compatible with browsers. In this way the customer has access to the product in real time according to availability in terms of preferences of colors, styles, sizes and location.

In valbone in we understand that our customers are our priority and to offer them a good service is a guarantee of the company. For them the choice of clothing or accessories is made so that the customer can identify with him, since each model can be previewed in an image that shows the option as if each customer would experience having the products in his body.

In Valbone in you will find the first exporter, manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor and supplier of shirts, t-shirts, jackets, jeans, jeans, leather belt, wallets and belts.

From our beginnings we offer products tailored to our customers, immediate availability for the satisfaction of their needs and affordable prices that generate safe sales for customers of all kinds.

In this way the customer will create a visual experience that will approach the purchase and then enjoy our products, access will be made through a clear preview window, nice format where you must empty the relevant information for the purchase as your identification data, Postal code, location or address area, personal telephone number, e-mail, accepting payment through a universal visa, mastercard and paytm bank network, in this way the client / company interaction is carried out under mutual security terms and conditions for Benefit of both parties. Once the payment has been made, the customer can be in contact at all times with the company through the mail available on the server and a contact telephone number, to meet user needs and specifications.

In Valbone in we understand the brand, the design, the textures and we maximize it, to extend capacities, elaboration, distribution, guaranteeing the consumption and to protect its investment like main goal, for its return.

In Valbone in we understand the need of the client and we allow him to satisfy his need as a strategy of sale and service. The collection of our products is designed from a simple and clear design immersed in quality that helps us provide the customer with a durable textile product, free of perforations or cracks, product discoloration. In this way the customer is satisfied closing his investment since he obtains a durable product despite the daily or regular use of our clothes, with the premise of a real accessible cost, adapted to the income of an average customer.